Casa de Tartaruga, Goa Azaya Resort Goa The Grand New Delhi


 Greenwood Hotel, Tejpur( Completed) GreenwoodResort Guwahati(Completed)  Azaya Beach Resort, Goa(Completed)  Udaipur (details out soon!)opening 2019  Bhowali  (details out soon!) opening 2020  Almora  (details out soon!)opening 2021 Dharamsala (opening  2019


EYE FISH HOSPITALITY is a Hotel Specialist company, with a career spanning 200 years, through various Hotel chains and Stand Alone brands, touching upon every aspect of the product – from offering Pre Opening Expertise/ Sales and Marketing/ Dynamic Revenue Management / Operations & Management & Asset Management The emphasis is on developing ‘Pre Opening…


Consulting for us extends to several dimensions for the property, and pertinent to various aspects of hospitality, taking into cognition the requirements ranging from the initial stages of development, the imaging building and maintenance, property upgrades, streamlining and managing brand standards. Pre-Opening consulting for new hotels, looking into refurbishments and renovations for the same. Implementing a bespoke Marketing Plan and fresh FnB  Concepts. Additionally, we help you devise your goals and strategies to augment your food and beverage revenues in a…


Leading Hotel Chains, Standalone Luxury Hotels, Boutique Resorts  India & Abroad, Real Estate Companies, & Airlines. Yatinder Kumar Celebrity Imagist, Architectural & Lifestyle Photographer Yatinder is known for his hallmark shots as he captures the very essence of luxury in a property, and for his nuanced architectural photography shoots worldwide. Sophistication, simplicity and strong visualization are the…