Every year companies spend hundreds and hundreds of rupees on mystery shoppers and mystery audits. There is a deep-rooted need for the ownership and the management to understand the movement of the business, to gauge performance.  The internal mechanisms,  however effective remain an internal agency. Mystery audits provide an unbiased evaluation of the property and services. The areas covered in the briefs and debriefs laboriously by the GM’s and HOD’s for years somehow seem to plateau out, it will be perhaps on the very day that a guest will walk in and asks a basic question that the FO staff is not on top of their game, or at service the appropriate cutlery wasn’t provided (!), turn down service remains below the mark, all on that very day, it’s fate. It happens! When everything is good and all is up and running – the sun is shining and the going is great – but a hotel is effectively made up not just of stone and steel and glass, but the most important element – the human element, culpable to error. An anonymous – unbiased view is of the essence, the feedback valuable, holding up the gaps – gaining more information, all around. It provides owners with information on what they should look for in future employees and insights on current working, what to avoid perhaps? What are the skill sets that are required What were the competencies that were compromised? Hotels are a mammoth investment made up of innumerable, relevant and unavoidable details. EYE FISH has a highly specialized team who conduct the discreet audits, translating the painstakingly noted details into an easily assimilated format for study and growth. EYE FISH panelists have been in the business for 25 years and have an in-depth understanding of the business. There is a clear perception of what is essential and what is not. There are no compromises. The EYE is unrelenting, all working towards building a better tomorrow.


Consulting for us extends to several dimensions for the property, and pertinent to various aspects of hospitality, taking into cognition the requirements ranging from the initial stages of development, the imaging building and maintenance, property upgrades, streamlining and managing brand standards. Pre-Opening consulting for new hotels, looking into refurbishments and renovations for the same. Implementing a bespoke Marketing Plan and fresh FnB  Concepts. Additionally, we help you devise your goals and strategies to augment your food and beverage revenues in a…


The Pre Opening experience remains memorable to all who were a part of the ‘first team’. It is a time which is exactly like swimming in the deep end. The only difference is that even though one may know what is to be expected, one has only a remote idea how to get to it….


There are four pillars of a successful business, strong operations, sales and marketing being two of them. They are not mutually exclusive. They follow each other very closely and depend on each other. The sales and marketing for a hotel are vastly different from any other field. It varies from season to season. There are…

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