EYE FISH HOSPITALITY is a Hotel Specialist company, with a career spanning 200 years, through various Hotel chains and Stand Alone brands, touching upon every aspect of the product – from offering Pre Opening Expertise/ Sales and Marketing/ Dynamic Revenue Management / Operations & Management & Asset Management

The emphasis is on developing ‘Pre Opening Experiences’. Hotel Pre Openings are a time of stress and intense decision making, intrinsic to long-term financial impact. It calls for succinct decisions and surgically precise actions.

The valid impetus is key to facilitate growth in every department. The fulcrum for this module is, and has been people. Sourcing talent, appropriate to work, at the right time.

Nobody is indispensable, but they are so, at a particular point.

Partha Basu


Partha BasuPartha Basu is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India who has held positions in Finance and Operational Management over the last 45 years in major trans Nationals across the country. The last quadrant, or more, of his professional career has been in turning around static, loss-making operations, protecting cash flows and a direct involvement in start-ups which focused mainly on product re-alignment, financial planning from the ground up, searching for and developing markets and, most importantly, finding the right people and building commitment. His last assignments were as Chairman and MD of a major British Shipping Company’s Leisure and Cruising business in India and finally, as a Travel & Tourism Consultant in the Oberoi Group of Hotels. Mr. Basu is very widely traveled and has always had a very active extra-curricular life, writing and lecturing on communications and management issues. We believe he can add considerable value to our endeavor.

Pradipta Biswas

Managing Director

Pradipta BiswasPradipta Biswas has a career in hotels spanning 24 odd years and perhaps more! He has been an ardent hotelier and looking into every aspect of hotelier with minute detail and a lot of nurture.

He started as an out and out Operations man and moved to the very dynamic world of sales and traversed back to Operations, it was a rewarding journey that would equip him with a 360 degree’ know how’ of people and skills. With a rich experience in working with different ownership’s, building several ( and this has always been a labor of love) successful teams and shouldering many reopening projects, Pradipta is ready to move beyond the confines of One Hotel, One Job and moving to sharing his knowledge and experience and build connections to strengthen the overall network of job seekers to their rightful space, as a keen sense of understanding is required of who fits which profile.

Being a GM will always be close to his heart but there is too much work to be done – and too many people are moving positions too quickly. Being successful isn’t a solitary goal but a collective goal. To this end Eye Fish is an initiative to facilitate and motivate people to find proper fitments and ownership’s to be happy and hotels to stabilize, minimizing attrition and working for job security and stability.

Jayati Biswas

Jayati Biswas

Jayati studied English literature at Delhi University. After completing her Masters she proceeded to work for a Vienna based startup who was developing content for Management students in Austria. Post that she joined the hotel industry – The Hyatt Regency, Mumbai. This was a game changer as the training and development that one experiences at the hotel is incomparable – as it incorporates strict hands-on learning while following guidelines and nomenclature directives to a T.

Next in line was Brodeur PR, TBWA. The world of advertising and PR was the next step in the career of somebody who was creative and was looking to work in the field that would utilize her skill set. PR was fast, fun, creative and rewarding, but there was a plateau. There was a pattern. Her career took several turns before she settled into a job that was after her heart. She now works for Renooji’s Healing Center, her Mentor, Guru and Guide, as an editor and a content writer. The role doesn’t begin to describe the extent of the scope of incredible content that she has the opportunity of working with, finally home and happy.

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  1. Tarun kr Sharma says:

    Please look into my profile looking for a change at present working with GO-MMT and looking after around 600 clients


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