There are four pillars of a successful business, strong operations, sales and marketing being two of them. They are not mutually exclusive. They follow each other very closely and depend on each other. The sales and marketing for a hotel are vastly different from any other field. It varies from season to season. There are dynamic rates that the team has to consider, relationship building and managing the same is a critical aspect and all of this takes practice and an understanding of the finer nuances of human interactions and dealings.
One may think that they have closed a deal, but in the industry, every one knows as sure as anything – nobody would ever refuse a known hand. This is not in any marketing textbook, but it’s a part of life. This is not a numbers game only, it is the subtle art that underlays the numbers game.
Hotel Sales isn’t like a mindless BPO operation, there is a lot at stake, and everyone involved needs to take cognizance of the same.

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