Resilience Training

The training requirement is changing as we speak. We have seen the world economy shift and change rapidly. More people have lost jobs and made money – and the disparity is mind-boggling and endless. The mind cannot make sense of the economic climate, coupled with dynamic election patterns of world leaders that are contributing to this movement.
It is in this climate that Resilience training gains supreme importance. According to a study conducted in Havard there are two kinds of employees, the ones – who when they are fired, go through a period of malaise and eventually are able to spring back, stronger, sharper to a new job and the second kind who are unable to process the change and go under – depressed and regress.
Companies typically promote and hire the first kind, obviously.
But how do they know – in a company situation who is going to react in which way. Can training aid this malaise? can there be help? Yes.
There have been certain specific tools that have been developed to empower employees to cope with the ever-changing aspect of the economy-employee-employer scenario.

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