The Pre Opening experience remains memorable to all who were a part of the ‘first team’. It is a time which is exactly like swimming in the deep end. The only difference is that even though one may know what is to be expected, one has only a remote idea how to get to it.
The requirements are mostly unpredictable, the support and staff available more unpredictable and the outcome one can imagine. This is if we are talking in terms of looking at meeting the Opening Target Date, with a margin of a few weeks give or take.
Being Hospitality consultants we have had the privilege of exclusively being a part of pre-opening projects. At the nascent stages, it is important to build teams and operate with a degree of flexibility and an open adaptive attitude. This being .0001 % of the several factors that are going to aid the build-up and follow through of the larger plan of development.
We have collected data over the years, meticulously mapping a process that efficiently puts plans in motions and facilitates motion. As mentioned before, we look into the Image Building, putting in place brand standards, and subsequent Public Relations development, and from the hardware angle – looking into property upgrades, sustainable solutions.
We also look into renovations and refurbishments. Working with viable budget allocations, staff training and streamlining – face lifting older properties and injecting them with zeal and preparing them for a new innings.

Completed – Azaya Beach Resort, Goa

114 Keys Luxury villa Hotel, located pristine beaches of South Goa, with four Food & Beverage outlets. – Opening Soon

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